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Getting the Best Results in an Arbitration

Every arbitration is unique. One of the key issues to obtaining the best results in an arbitration is to ask your arbitrator for their guidelines. Stick to their timelines, and produce the data requested. It is amazing how often items requested are not produced, or are off topic.

Key issues are:

What kind of information is requested? What benefits your case? Should you pick how you present your case and what goes first, or can you follow the order the Arbitrator requested?

When are documents required and in what format? Sending snail mail when email was requested just creates a potential hurdle for the arbitrator in organizing your information. You want you information to be readily accessible.

Rebuttal timelines and data? Keep on point. Attack the issues most likely to damage your case and reiterate what is your strongest argument. Keep it organized so that the arbitrator can easily match your rebuttal to the other party's claims.

This may sound simple, but people often miss the most elemental points when presenting an arbitration. Remember, while often similar to court, it isn't court, and it isn't mediation. Advocate clearly and in the format requested for the best outcome for your case or client.

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