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Cost Savings in Balanced Billing Arbitrations

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Balanced billing (also known as Surprise Billing Acts) are becoming increasingly popular and important methods for resolution of billing disputes for both providers and insurance companies. States have varying ways of selecting the criteria that an Arbitrator or Mediator must apply. Did you know that you can control you costs by agreeing on a neutral in advance? Most states allow this.

Why Pre-Select an Arbitrator?

Why pre-select an arbitrator or mediator? Know in advance your cost (rather than get a slot of 5 and find out all are at the high end of the cost spectrum), the reliability and professionalism of a known neutral, and have some flexibility to bundle cases to save money? Additionally, have a neutral that reliably applies the statutory guidelines from that jurisdiction.

Don't erode your profits or costs by having an unknown. Make sure you have a professional that understands CPT codes, medical language and modifiers. Cases I currently handle include ER, Anesthesia, Surgery and multi-code claims.

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Within statutory guidelines, have all the protection of using the State model, but with a neutral who seeks to make the experience efficient and compatible with your goals.

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