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Mediate Well™ and Arbitrate Well™ 

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Med Arb Well™

"The quality of being fair and impartial." That is what you will find here.

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Med Arb Well™
Mediate Well™ and Arbitrate Well™


Professional Mediation and Arbitration Service for a variety of legal issues, specializing in family law mediations and balanced billing arbitration and including child custody, contract disputes, landlord-tenant, property tax, debt and approved for balanced billing and medical billing in Texas, Virginia and Washington. Providing services to individuals, law firms, and corporations of all sizes.

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Services provided by Certified and credentialed Mediator and Arbitrator, a Fellow in CIArb and a licensed Attorney, Rhea Stevens. I facilitate the resolution of disputes from highly contentious multiparty cases, family law, contract, landlord-tenant, property tax and medical billing, to highlight just a few. Certified to arbitrate and mediate medical billing issues through TDI (and privately) in Texas, Virginia and Washington, and real and business personal property tax valuations through the Texas State Comptroller's office.

Mediation or Arbitration follow the distinctions for each process. My goal is to provide a thorough and satisfying process to all parties so optimal resolution can be obtained for your unique legal situation.

I also provide virtual mediations and arbitrations for these especially challenging times.

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Providing Services in a Variety of Locations and Countries

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